Previously registered users must have logged in between 1 December 2021 and 1 March 2022 on the existing GIC ( for their profile to be transferred to the new GIC ( Otherwise, users can enter their existing OneHealthcare ID (instructions), which will require entering their UHCG policy ID on the new GIC profile registration page. Contact your organization's internal liaison with UHC Global if you do not know your organization's UHCG policy ID, or email us at:

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UnitedHealthcare Global is committed to keeping your information secure.

To improve the security of the Intelligence Center, UnitedHealthercare Global added multifactor authentication in October 2020. The login process may be different, but the Intelligence Center continues to be committed to providing you with the information you need, when you need it.

All individual users will need a One Healthcare ID to access the Intelligence Center.

Have a One Healthcare ID?

Please use the Login / Register with One Healthcare ID button.

Don’t have a One Healthcare ID ?

You will need to create a One Healthcare ID

  1. Click “Login / Register with One Healthcare ID”
  2. Select “Create a One Healthcare ID”
  3. Complete the registration form and click “I Agree”
    • When prompted, enter your UHC Global ID number. Your UHC Global ID number can be located on your UnitedHealthcare Global ID card
    • You must use your corporate email address when creating your One Healthcare ID
  4. You will be redirected to the Intelligence Center home page

UnitedHealthcare Global Intelligence Center

The Intelligence Center is the hub for online tools such as:
  • WorldWatch® for security intelligence
  • Medical Intelligence Reports for medical intelligence
  • Airline Risk Ratings for a review of commercial airlines
  • Travel Security Manager for monitoring employee travel and risk
  • Daily Security Reports sign-up to receive daily briefings of global events

Please Note: Some customers of UnitedHealthcare Global have combinations of these tools included in their program, but not all do. Please check your program or call your administrator to determine if you are eligible for access.

If you require support or assistance, please contact us at Intelligence Center Support.