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UnitedHealthcare Global Intelligence Center

The Intelligence Center is the hub for online tools such as:

  • World Watch® for security intelligence
  • Medical Intelligence Reports for medical intelligence
  • Airline Risk Ratings for a review of commercial airlines
  • Travel Security Manager for monitoring employee travel and risk
  • Daily Security Reports sign-up to receive daily briefings of global events

Please Note: Some customers of UnitedHealthcare Global have combinations of these tools included in their program, but not all do. Please check your program or call your administrator to determine if you are eligible for access.

For questions or assistance with the Intelligence Center, email Intelligence Center Support.

Mobile Intelligence Center

The mobile optimized intelligence center was decommissioned on April 1. All users are redirected to the desktop site to access the intelligence center. The desktop site offers more features than the mobile site, enabling you to find the right information when and where you need it.